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The OV PTA is a group of parents and staff who volunteer together to create community, support our children’s education and well-being, and organize events that are enjoyable and informative. Join us!


This week at sports basement!

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This Friday! Movie night at 6:30pm

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Writer Coach Connection

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Parents: If you like writing & editing and would like to work one-on-one with a handful of students, please consider volunteering as a Writer Coach at Albany Middle School.  Fringe benefit: you get a look at the middle school – and you learn more about the major 8th-grade project.

WriterCoach Connection brings teams of trained volunteers to the school to work with every 8th-grader on the i-search project. This year we will coach for eight weeks, from Feb. 3 to April 2.  Volunteers coach in one class per week (1 hour, 40 minutes), for a total commitment of less than 15 hours.

We provide the training in two 3-hour sessions scheduled for December and January.

Please check out this two-minute compelling video:

Signing up online should only take two minutes:


Feel free to contact the AMS Writer Coaching site coordinators with questions.  AMScoaching@gmail.com, Mary Flaherty at 510-559-9552 and Nick Keefe at 415-637-7168.


Give to AEGC today!

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AEGC: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese flyer!

Albany depends on parents to provide additional funding to our schools to give kids the extras that the school district can’t afford. The Albany Elementary Giving Campaign (AEGC) is the way that the Cornell, Marin, and Ocean View pay for specialists to teach chess, poetry, art, some music, and puberty education during our school day. This single campaign is the only way to fill the account that funds the specialist’s contracts.

Other donations to the PTAs, AEF, AMF, and SchoolCare don’t do this. All these organizations and campaigns are worthy, and we hope that you can support them all. But if you haven’t written a check to AUSD/AEGC, please do it now! We have not reached our goal, and these programs will not go forward this school year without funds in this district account to support these specialists.

Suggested donation is $100 per child, but any amount is very much appreciated!