Give to AEGC today!

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AEGC: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese flyer!

Albany depends on parents to provide additional funding to our schools to give kids the extras that the school district can’t afford. The Albany Elementary Giving Campaign (AEGC) is the way that the Cornell, Marin, and Ocean View pay for specialists to teach chess, poetry, art, some music, and puberty education during our school day. This single campaign is the only way to fill the account that funds the specialist’s contracts.

Other donations to the PTAs, AEF, AMF, and SchoolCare don’t do this. All these organizations and campaigns are worthy, and we hope that you can support them all. But if you haven’t written a check to AUSD/AEGC, please do it now! We have not reached our goal, and these programs will not go forward this school year without funds in this district account to support these specialists.

Suggested donation is $100 per child, but any amount is very much appreciated!


Albany Fundraising Organizations

Posted October 29, 2014 By sara

Read this in PDF: Fundraising Orgs 411

One of the areas that seems to cause the most confusion for parents in Albany is the multiplicity of fundraising organizations and what they fund. As the school year gets started and these campaigns launch, you may want to
know more about these groups.

1) What are the fundraising organizations that contribute to Albany Elementary Schools?

– SchoolCare
– Albany Elementary Giving Campaign (AEGC)
– Albany Education Foundation (AEF)
– Albany Music Fund (AMF)
– PTAs at all three schools

2) What do they do?

SchoolCare--funds specific, salaried teaching positions at all Albany schools. As a trusted fundraising entity, the district counts on SchoolCare to fund staff each year. Decisions are made based on the annual funding priorities spring survey (distributed to both parents and teachers) and by working closely with the district. SchoolCare brings in the most bucks,
raising nearly $290,000 in the 2013-2014 school year. They also ask the most, requesting $500 per student. Fundraising goes on throughout the year and you can make donations online. The main fundraiser, a phonathon, is in the spring.

Albany Elementary Giving Campaign (AEGC)–funds the elementary enrichment programs. These are subjects taught by specialists during the school day and include art, chess, poetry, and puberty education. Cornell has used their AEGC dollars to fund music, but with the district committed to providing weekly music instruction in grades 1-3, they may now make a
different choice. PTA officers at each elementary form the AEGC committee, but these donations to not go into a PTA account, they are deposited directly with the district. The AEGC drive starts off the year in September, and is a wonderful example of how the Albany community works together cooperatively. The same push is made at each of the elementary schools, identical materials are used. The money is then divided up according to the number of students at each elementary. Goal is $75,000,
they ask $100 per student.

- Albany Education Foundation (AEF)--directly supports teachers through a grant-writing program. Teachers submit small grant requests for equipment, field trips, etc. AEF writes checks directly to teachers for the winning proposals. Main fundraiser is the Chocolate and Champagne Gala in February.

- Albany Music Fund (AMF)–supports music education throughout the district. They strongly lobbied the district for elementary music education and the district has responded with a new program for 1-3 grades, 30 minutes of music weekly. AMF fundraises at band and choir events and with a letter campaign in the fall.

- PTAs at all three schools–PTAs have a dual role, fundraising to support the educational programs at their school, but also working to build community ties. Building a strong school community is no small task, and involves bringing together parents, teachers, students, and staff. PTAs also strive to build relationships within the local community…to other schools, businesses, and neighbors.

3) Why are there different fundraising organizations?

All the fundraising organizations do great work. Most professional fundraising experts agree that the way to maximize donations is to ask often, ask for different purposes, and ask in different ways (auctions, raffles, walk-a-thons, etc.).

4) Can I just write one check?

Write one check?! Well, no, not at this time. It is probable that if we tried to switch to that system, all these organizations would lose revenue, and consequently, our kids would lose programs and supplies. It is easier on family budgets to write multiple small checks throughout the year. Plus, you remove the opportunity for all kinds of community/parent/school interactions. These events fuel our social web and improve our community.


Fall Festival – This Saturday!

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This is Ocean View’s biggest fundraiser, with an emphasis on FUN.

There will be carnival games, food, arts and crafts, glitter tattoos, a silent auction, the walk-a-thon, a giant slide, and more.

New this year will be an online auction with dozens and dozens of items from restaurants, museums, stores, theaters, etc. Last week Information was sent home with your student including the walk-a-thon pledge sheets and how to collect pledges online at . Send this link to friends and families so they can easily support your student in the walk-a-thon.

To make this event a success we need volunteers. To sign up you can a) go to, b) return the volunteer sign-up form that went out last Friday, or c) email
Among other things, funds raised at this event help provide for: classroom supplies and teacher support, enrichment programs, noontime aides and a noontime sports coordinator, tutors, parent education programs, educational school assemblies, field trips, community building events, and more.


fall festival

Support Ocean View while getting prepared for an earthquake. is selling emergency preparedness kits for the Ocean View PTA. There are different types and sizes of kits to choose from for your home, car and office. All kits contain the basic food, water, shelter, first aid and other supplies necessary to sustain you in the event of a disaster.  The food and water are good for 5 years so you can continue to rely on the kit year after year.  After 5 years, simply replace the expired items, no need to purchase a whole new kit.
100% of Ocean View PTA’s profits from purchases of any items on this website will be used to support the PTA and its programs. The fundraiser will run through November 30, 2014.  Please don’t forget to use the promo code “OVE14″ at checkout so that our school gets credit for your purchase.  Thank you for your support!
And come to the parent education night Thursday – October 2 – 7-8:30pm!

Hear from Albany School Board candidates

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The Berkeley/Albany/Emeryville chapter of the League of Women Voters is sponsoring a candidates’ night for those running for the Albany Board of Education.  It will be held on Wednesday, October 1st from 7-9 PM at the Council Chambers, Albany City Hall @ 1000 San Pablo Avenue.

This is a free program.