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The OV PTA is a group of parents and staff who volunteer together to create community, support our children’s education and well-being, and organize events that are enjoyable and informative. Join us!


100-a-thon is here!

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February 4th is the 100th day of school!

We are kicking off the 100-a-thon to raise money by March 15. Donate now to support services at Ocean View:

RAZ Kids (Reading Program) ♥ IXL (Math Program) ♥ Field trips ♥ Classroom Technology ♥ Grade Leveled Libraries ♥ School Assemblies ♥ Classroom Equipment ♥ Teacher Development ♥ Parent education programs ♥ and much, much more!

Any donation helps: from $5 to $100! Our goal is to have 100% participation so every dollar counts.

How to donate until the March 14th deadline:

♥Cash or check (made out to Ocean View PTA) can be sent to school with your child or left in the main office.
♥ Donate online: https://99pledges.com/fund/100athon2015

Donations are tax deductible (Tax ID # 94-6174605). Ask your employer for a corporate sponsor match.




This week at sports basement!

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This Friday! Movie night at 6:30pm

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Writer Coach Connection

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Parents: If you like writing & editing and would like to work one-on-one with a handful of students, please consider volunteering as a Writer Coach at Albany Middle School.  Fringe benefit: you get a look at the middle school – and you learn more about the major 8th-grade project.

WriterCoach Connection brings teams of trained volunteers to the school to work with every 8th-grader on the i-search project. This year we will coach for eight weeks, from Feb. 3 to April 2.  Volunteers coach in one class per week (1 hour, 40 minutes), for a total commitment of less than 15 hours.

We provide the training in two 3-hour sessions scheduled for December and January.

Please check out this two-minute compelling video:

Signing up online should only take two minutes:


Feel free to contact the AMS Writer Coaching site coordinators with questions.  AMScoaching@gmail.com, Mary Flaherty at 510-559-9552 and Nick Keefe at 415-637-7168.