About PTA

The Ocean View PTA works to support the lives of children who attend Ocean View School in Albany, California. The PTA has been around since 1897 and assists the teachers and students in many ways, including financial support, coordinating activities and volunteers, parent education, and providing communication links. We see the impact of our efforts when we see children attending our sponsored events.

The OV PTA is a group of parents and staff that volunteer together to create community in our school, support our children’s education and well-being, and organize events that are enjoyable and informative. We strongly encourage all families to attend meetings, become members, and donate just a few hours of their time to one of our events. It is very easy to get involved, there is no time commitment required, and the benefits to your children are immeasurable. You will also find that it is a fun way to meet other families and an extremely rewarding way to become proactive in your child’s life.

Meetings: We meet in the Ocean View Library at 7:00PM with free childcare. 2014-15 meeting dates: September 18, November 13, January 8, March 12, April 9, May 14

PTA Membership: is $20 per person. Everyone is welcome at the PTA meetings but only members are allowed to vote on decisions. We provide many activities for the students, parents, and teachers at Ocean View School.

Volunteer: email volunteers@oceanview-pta.org to join our volunteer email list. No obligation for signing up. You will get emails about fun ways to help out. Any little bit of volunteer help makes a huge difference to our school, our teachers and your child.

2017-2018 PTA Officers

President…Jordan Sampietro (jordan.sampietro@gmail.com)
Vice President of Communications…Luciana Vitiello
Treasurer…Sara Shallcross (treasurer@oceanview-pta.org)
Parliamentarian…Kendra Knowles
Financial Secretary… Vacant
Historian and Parent Education Chairperson… Ebba de la Rosa (ebbadelarosa@oceanview-pta.org)
Recording Secretary / Emergency preparedness coordinator…Ben Hensler

Terry Georgeson, Principal tgeorgeson@ausdk12.org

PTA Coordinators
Volunteer Coordinator…
Membership Coordinator…
Communications Coordinator…Sara Hinkley webmaster@oceanview-pta.org

Ocean View PTA Board Duties

PTA Job Duties – a pdf file with longer descriptions of the job duties