Welcome to Ocean View PTA

The Ocean View PTA works to support the lives of children who attend Ocean View School in Albany, California. The PTA has been around since 1897 and assists the teachers and students in many ways, including financial support, coordinating activities and volunteers, parent education, and providing communication links. We see the impact of our efforts when we see children attending our sponsored events.

Ocean View PTA is excited to be working on your behalf.

The Ocean View PTA meets in the Ocean View Library on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:00PM with free childcare.

PTA Membership is $20 per person. Everyone is welcome at the PTA meetings but only members are allowed to vote on decisions. We provide many activities for the students, parents, and teachers at Ocean View School.

Questions? Contact Edel Alon at edel.alon @ oceanview-pta.org.