Ocean View Rebuild Plans

Check back here frequently for updates about the building plans for Ocean View and the plans for Ocean View students while the school is closed, currently scheduled to begin in Fall 2019.

REBUILD AND TRANSITION FAQ (last updated 10/2/2018)

following Ocean View School PTA Meeting on September 20. 2018

How long will Ocean View School be in temporary housing? 2 years

What’s the construction timeline? The architects anticipate this will take 18 months. However, our plan is to move back for the start of the 2nd year.

Where will Ocean View students be relocated over the next two years?

· Kindergarten will be split between Marin and Cornell, with two classes at each school.

· 1st-3rd graders will be at the new AMS Annex.

· 4th-5th graders will be at the AHS Annex [update November 5: this is now TBA, as the AHS Annex will not be finished by the start of school in Fall 2019]

Will there be before and aftercare provided?

Yes. We are working on those details with ACC and other aftercare programs.

Will the start and end of school be affected?

If necessary, we are working on those details.

Is there a plan for drop off and pick up?

We are working on those details, which could include any of the following:

· Crossing Guards

· Safe Routes to School- walking school bus and other supports they may be able to provide.

· Designated areas for student drop off and pick up

What will be the hours for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten will need to move to an AM/PM program.

Will Kindergarten classes be held at the same time? (i.e. all morning or all afternoon) or will they be split up?

We will join the other schools with a AM/PM program. As mentioned above, Kinder will most likely be split: two classes at Marin and two classes at Cornell.

Will you keep the Early and Late Bird Schedule for 1st- 3rd graders?

We have no plan at this time to change the EB/LB schedule for 1st-3rd grades.

Will AMS and AHS accommodate OV’s schedule?

AHS and AMS will work with us to find best solution.

Will there be space for special education services?


Will the Ocean View students be sharing recess and/or lunch with the middle or high schoolers?

This won’t impact AMS because we are on a different location. At AHS we will working on a schedule that would be prior to their lunchtime.

OV students will have separate spaces and times for lunch, recess, and P.E.

Will the middle and high school students have access to the OV areas?

We will work with both AMS and AHS to about how the middle schoolers and high schoolers might provide support for teachers and classes with our students. There may also be a class and afterschool time when AMS/AHS students will have access to the Annex.

Will we have a library?

We do not have an answer for this yet, and we are advocating for a library. We will have library services. We are hoping to secure a location.

Is there a chance the construction start date could be delayed?

Yes, delays in construction are always a possibility. We are waiting for more details with the high school construction to see if this may be the case.

How will we continue student services such as Otter pops?

PTA and admin will need to work closely together to assure community events such as Otter pops. Perhaps students from AHS or AMS can also assist with some of our needs.

How can the students be involved with this transition?

Through the Student Council and PTA. This will be a great way for kids take ownership of their new school: student leadership can go and report back to the other kids.

Are the teachers talking about the transition in the classrooms this year?

We will be organizing this after the first of the new year when we have more questions answered and a slideshow ready for students.

Will students have an opportunity to visit the middle and high schools this year to see what the buildings will look like?

This would be great, however there may not be an opportunity. If will not work we may provide a slideshow for students to see prior the end of this school year.

When can we learn about the new building for Ocean View School?

We are scheduling PTA meetings to talk more about the new building. We hope to get further along in the process enough so we can present the planned building and timeline to our community.

Will there be additional bike/scooter racks for students with bikes